Enhanced Oil Recovery


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Larry W. Lake

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Enhanced Oil Recovery

Autor: Larry W. Lake

Domestic oil reserves and production are declining and there appears to be no substitute for oil in the near future. One option for the U.S. energy supply is to increase extraction from known domestic reserves. The purpose of this book is to aid the technological development to bring this about.

Students in all areas dealing with flow in permeable media and professional researchers alike will find this book very useful. While thre is enough background and general knowledge in the book to interest anyone associated with enhanced oil recovery, there is also a good representation of specialized material. The author provides a pedagogical basis for the descipline of enhanced oil recovery, and he covers all forms of EOR.

The most important claim of the cook is that it provides a unified approach to EOR based on common first principles, conservation of mass, momentum, and energy. This unification is made possible through the application of mathematical techniques based on the method of characteristics (MOC) and phase behavior.